Use Your iPhone/iPad to Manage, Monitor and Present your PV Plants


  • Free Software on Apple App Store
  • Suitable for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch plateform
  • Available for accessing the online GeoSolarPortal data
  • Available for directly accessing the GS WEBBOX data
  • Review Daily Pac, Irradiation, and Temperature graph
  • Review Daily/Monthly/Yearly/Total Yield Report
  • Review the PV plant profile
  • Review the PV Inverter Working Status
  • Review the Real Time On Site Camera Videos
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    GS MOBILE is a free iPhone and iPad App that provides you quickly and easiest way to access your PV plants data. You can access the online GeoSolarPortal by your personal account or directly link to a GS WEBBOX for managing, monitoring and presenting your solar system anywhere anytime. If you has a GEOPROTEK solar system connected to a GS WEBBOX, you can monitor the solar energy production in real rime, wherever you are. You can use your iPhone or iPad directly link to a GS WEBBOX if it was in the same subnet. Or you can view the data on GeoSolarPortal if your monitoring system was connected to the internet. You can use your iPhone to review the data via Wifi or 3G internet connection. Or you can make your iPad as an display board at your home or public area, it can show the daily/monthly/yearly/total information in slide show and update information automatically.

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