Why We Use Solar Power?

Advantages of solar power are many. Although solar power is an energy source that we have only recently tapped into, it may become the most important energy source of the future.
• Solar power is a renewable and natural resource. 
• It’s a way to reduce greenhouse gases or carcinogens emission and protect the earth.
• Light and energy from the sun costs nothing. Once you purchase the equipment to collect and convert energy from the sun, it costs you nothing to run. • Solar cells require little maintenance. • Solar cells can last a lifetime.

Why We Need a Solar SCADA?

A Solar SCADA system is necessary for a commercial solar system. It has following functions:
• Tracks the your solar system work in best performance. Guarantees the continuity and optimal efficiency of the plant over time.
• Reduces the risk of revenue loss due to system malfunction.
• Prevents service failures, anticipate the need for technical assistance and reduce restoration time of the plant in the event of failure or malfunction.

Why We Need a Demonstration System?

For a commercial solar plant owner like enterprises, governments, or schools, the main purpose of installing a solar plant is not only for generating power, but also a demonstration system for following purposes.
• Display solar system or other energy sources information.
• Display weather or energy consumption information.
• Deliver messages or concepts by text, photos, or videos.
• Demonstrate enterprise green images.
• Quantify people or students efforts on energy saving.
• Combine with energy education or energy competition.

The Benefits of using GS Series SCADA Product

GEOPROTEK tried to create a SCADA product that is suitable for commercial solar plant usage and could be popular in different applications. It should include traditional utility scale SCADA function, but need to be more cost effective, flexible, modular designed, and the most important is a stable standardized platform. It can bring benefits for both system integrators and users as below:

What are the Differences between Utility and Commercial Solar SCADA?

For a System Integrator:
Remote Monitoring and Central Management - Before, a system integrator or a system installer may have multiple solar plants in different location with different systems, it was hard to manage all plants in one platform. GS product provides necessary function for system managers to remote monitoring and be able to connect to remote cloud server that allow them to manage all solar plants at the same time by using a single portal website.
Plug and Play Installation - Different brand PV inverters have different communication protocols, GS product embedded with multiple brand inverter protocol that allow system installers can setup up only by selecting inverter brand and model, adding monitoring environment sensors or meters. All the hardware and software configuration can be quickly and easily setup by installers.

Cutting Cost by Modularize and Standardize  - As a traditional utility scale SCADA takes more effort on customized software, it takes more cost and future maintenance. GS product modularize these function and standardize the software in order to maximize the stability and flexibility within lower cost.

Future Expansion Ability – For a traditional SCADA, when you are trying to add an additional monitoring device in system, you need to look for original programmer for adding new monitor point. GS product provide expansion ability that allows you to add monitoring devices by simple clicking and setting.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction on Demonstration - Unlike traditional SCADA system only focuses on data collecting and HMI function, GS product also provide powerful display function that can be quickly implement customers display requirements and allows system installer to design the demonstrate contents to provide maximum satisfaction.
For a Commercial User:
Tracking Performance and Maximize Return - As a commercial user invest huge amount of capital in solar plant. Continuously tracking becomes an important issue because it gives feedback information on how the system works, how much the system production and how about performance. GS SCADA system is used to maximize your return on investment.

Prevent Loss in Early Stage - As a solar plant installed, various kinds of interference prevent your plant from performing optimally. For example, an alarm or broken down of inverter can prevent the plant from yielding power. With the GS product, system installers can effectively initiate the appropriate maintenance actions at a early stage. In this way, users can prevent the issue from becoming an irreversible and costly problem
Demonstrate for Enterprise Image or Educational Purpose - In many cases, how much power the solar plant generating is not the most important thing for commercial users. They concern more about how to apply the solar plant to demonstrate green images or how to educate for people and students. GS product provides a more flexible way for a solar information display TV that users can create their own personal display contents combine with photos, videos, graphs, solar information or energy saving information on it.

Remote Cloud Database and Local Archiving Data Center - GS product is the most cost effective way to achieve remote cloud database and archiving local database in central PC. The SCADA system will collect data into database, uses can use it for future analysis and performance tracking. System could be monitoring on cloud server via web browser or mobile devices.

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