Intelligent School Energy Monitoring Solution
Educational Renewable Power and Energy Consumption
Measurement and Demonstration Platform


  • Measurement & Demonstration Solar Power Yield Demonstration
  • Energy Consumption Demonstration
  • Environment Parameter Measurement
  • Energy Education
  • School Competition for Energy Saving
  • Combine with Teaching Courses
  • Design Your Own Display Pages
  • Future Expansion Flexibility
  • Data Tracing and Cloud Service
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    With the increasing requirements for environmental and energy education for schools, GEOPROTEK extends the PV renewable energy monitoring to energy consumption measurement. System integrators can apply GS LOGGER not only to monitor the PV power yield, but also can monitoring the power consumption for each classrooms, each floor or each buildings. In order to meet different schools display requirements, GS LOGGER allow system integrators to help the end user to design the display screen, yield graph, comparison chart, pictures, or videos to maximize the customers satisfaction. Also, it can be used to demonstrate the result of renewable energy and students energy saving graphic chart. Students can easily check the result of their energy saving and compare with history energy usage and with other classrooms. With the graphic display, school can combine with coursed to illustrate students how the PV system works, how the importance of energy saving, and how much they contribute to the world in saving CO2 reduction, forest protection.

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