Commercial Solar SCADA, Support Multi-Brand Solar Inverters Energy Management and Demonstration Platform


  • Solar SCADA for Presentation, Monitoring, and Remote Management
  • Support Multiple Major Brand PV Inverters
  • Modbus Scan Tool Supports All Standard Modbus Inverter
  • User Defined and Customer Oriented Display Screen
  • Support Statistic Graph Display
  • Support Multi-Pages Display with Photos or Media
  • Support Environment Sensor Measurement
  • Support Power Meter Measurement for Other Renewable Energy like Wind Turbine, Fuel Cell.
  • Support Power Consumption Measurement
  • Support Remote Access and Cloud Portal Management
  • Free App for Mobile Device and Tablet PC
  • Support LED Display or Moving LED Display
  • Generate Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Report Automatically
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    Data Sheet

    As the increasing awareness in energy and global warming issue, there are rapidly growth in solar plant installations which also required for solar SCADA system to monitor, manage, and demonstrate in government organizations, schools, solar farms, or enterprises. For a utility scale solar plant, they may have more budget to customized design their SCADA system by a specialized company. But for a commercial solar plant, they may have very limited budget to establish their own SCADA system to fulfill their needs. GS LOGGER is a special designed for commercial solar usage SCADA system. System installers can set it up quickly with flexibility to apply different inverters, sensors, and digital meters. They also could provide customized display design for their customer and manage all their solar plants remotely. For commercial users like governments, schools, or enterprises, generating solar power is not the only purpose, but they also hope to demonstrate and educate to people. They can apply GS LOGGER to check the performance and status, and they can demonstrate it to people how the system works, how much energy they created and saved. GS LOGGER is the most cost effective way to achieve these purposes and make people aware the importance of global warming, and put it into real action.

    Optional Items


    Product Name


    GEO Solar Sensor Box Integrated silicon based irradiance and temperature sensor

    Outdoor Display Board Outdoor display board to display real time solar system information

    Moving LED Display Panel Indoor/Outdoor moving LED display

    GSM/GPRS Modem Sending message to multiple cell phone when alarm occurred

    Digital Power Meter DC/AC Power Meter (V, A, kW, kWh..etc)

    Seven Segment LED Display Segment LED Display value on the display board

    PYRA Irradiance Sensor ISO 9060 Irradiation sensor that can be connected to GS Logger

    External PT100 Temperature Sensor PT100 temperature sensor with amplify meter that can connect to GS Logger

    Wind Speed/Direction Sensor Measure the environment wind speed and direction

    Bluetooth to RS-485 Converter Transfer data from inverter to GS Logger via Bluetooth

    RS-232 to RS-485 isolated Converter Convert data from RS-485 to RS-232

    Ethernet to RS-485 Converter Convert data from Ethernet to RS-485 or RS-232

    GS WEBCAM On Site Real Time Image Monitoring

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